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We love our patients.  
Thankfully, the feeling is mutual.

Please enjoy reading our patient reviews from our dental family. 



"That's (implants) the best investment I've ever made in my life!"

- Ann G.

"Absolutely the best dental experience I've ever had."

— Erik C.

"... thanks for the beautiful teeth and healthy gums. It is so wonderful to get up every morning and see and feel my healthy mouth. I am so happy that you gently guided me down the route of having my teeth completely redone or I would have been facing years and years of more dental work ..."

— Gail C. 

"Fantastic service! Dr. Milner and his team are a class act. I'd rather do just about anything than go to the dentist but the team at Fibonacci makes it about as comfortable as it could possibly be. Highly recommended."

— Jeff W.

"I love coming here. You have taken serving people to an art and yet you are sincere. You don't walk in here and feel like you are at the dentist. You're family here. You make people feel so good. Also I noticed you don't walk in here and become an employee. You have a new person and she's already part of the family. If she weren't, she wouldn't be here. You know what it is... you instantly feel love when you come here and it's real. I like real."

— Marie J.

"Yes, it's true; the chair had a total body massage option! What a great idea! I was so busy relaxing from the amenities that I had to concentrate to watch the movie. I felt like I was at a spa, not the dentist office! When the doctor gave me a shot to numb me up, I didn't even feel it - and that was really amazing. Fibonacci Smile is in a league all of it's own in the dental profession - you think about more than just your client's teeth. You're the best!"

— Ellen H.

"The team at Fibonacci is awesome!! They have made me feel comfortable and welcome from the first day. I have dental anxiety issues and they are very understanding and helping me work through it. Thank you Fibonacci!"

— Dawn D.

"Fantastic service with an engaging, energetic and helpful staff!"

— John A.

"My friend told me I now have a movie star smile ... How fun is that?! You guys are a fabulous healthcare team and I feel very fortunate to have found you! Thank you so much. I feel so lucky and grateful!"

— Jill R. 

"I love Fibonacci Smile. The Dentists are artistic geniuses. The team is gifted, competent, up-beat and entertaining. Getting old is a drag ... having lovely teeth helps me to 'smile on'!"

— Kristine M.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Hollywood Smile! I am now ready for an infomercial ... a testimonial ... being a poster child of sorts!! Okay, okay, I am sooo excited about my new teeth I'm getting a little bit carried away here! It may sound kind of simple, but the whole spa-like experience, well, WOW! A hot wax manicure, a massaging chair, a flat screen T.V. watching movies, hand towels in the restroom, the list is long! Crazy, crazy good! Thank you for helping me attain a goal."

— Deidra S.

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